Liberator of the Unfaithful

And finally, after about 15 years of that report, came this film – GUMNAMI. Its not just about Subhash Chandra Bose – The Legend / The God of Indian Freedom Struggle. It is about us. The Indians, whose freedom he fought for. It is about us, what have we done to Netaji. What have we done to his sacrifice – his own people, his family, his fellow comrades?

The Banyan Beckons

Rustic, yet with strong religious significance, with an age-old Temple, the branches of the Tree look like an amazing sculpture – carved effortlessly by mother Nature. The Sunlight filters through the Banyan Leaves as you walk under the Great Banyan, enjoying the shelter – serene and peaceful.

Resonance Triangle of Fine Arts – TRIO

The Exhibition that reflects the harmony of Painting, Sculpture & Photography by the masters in the respective fields to create something unique & beautiful. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness something splendid.