Contribute to The Creative Post

Last Updated: 1st April, 2020

If you enjoy writing, if you observe world differently, if you feel that you can contribute to “THE CREATIVE POST”, you are heartily welcome.

We are accepting articles on the various categories that you see in our website menus and mentioned in the table below –

NewZine Fine Arts Literature Performing Arts Travel & Lifestyle Society Nostalgia Shop
News Trends Stories Music Travelogue Social Innovation Bengal-nama
Interviews Art Corner Novels Dance Taste Stories Heritage Vintage Corner
Happening Now Gallery Biography Theater Recipe Stories Society & Art Legends
Reviews Poetry Films Couture Spirituality Epics
TCP Special (Photo / Video Story) From the Past Martial Arts Interior Trendz Body & Mind
Festivals Happy Parenting
Cultural Tourism

But you have to remember that we will not include anything to do with –

  1. Politics
  2. Business
  3. Sports
  4. Religion

Terms for Writing:

  1. Any Article / Write-up submitted will go through Editorial Team and Selection process. If our Editorial Team accepts the article / write-up, only then shall it be published. If it rejects, The Creative Post may / may not provide any reason for the result.
  2. The articles / write-ups for which  no payment has been made, the sole intellectual property of them shall stay with the writer / author and not of The Creative Post, at all times.
  3. If your article / write-up, in any of the above mentioned category / multiple categories is also published elsewhere along with The Creative Post – it shall be considered “Free”.

Publishing under Paid Subscription Model

  1. The article / write-ups that are not published anywhere else, shall be considered for “Paid” section.
  2. In this case, if the author is not paid in advance for the article, The Creative Post shall hold the Exclusive Publishing Rights for the Article / Write-up, and the sole Intellectual Property shall be held by the writer / author. But the writer / author cannot provide the article / write-up for publishing anywhere else, without written permission of The Creative Post. For such writers / authors, we shall share 10% of the income for their stories / articles with them for 20 years.
  3. For “paid” articles, payment may be made based on the total number of words of the Published Article, after the article is Published, on a monthly basis at the rate of 50 paisa per word (Indian currency).
  4. Articles written by employees of The Creative Post or freelance writers who is paid as a contract for writing the Article shall not be eligible for any kind of payment other than the salary / contract value respectively.
  5. For all Articles that are Paid, written by employees or contractual writers, once paid or agreed upon to be paid, the intellectual property as well as ownership and publishing rights shall completely stay with The Creative Post and no further revenue sharing shall happen at a later stage. The Authors cannot publish them anywhere else. The Creative Post shall provide due credit to the Author at all times.

So now if you agree to the above terms and is still excited, kindly send us –

  1. An email mentioning your interest for writing / contributing to The Creative Post along with a small profile and a picture to the email id –
  2. On formal acceptance of the above mentioned email, you can start sending your articles / write-ups, in word doc format (only) along with 3-6 related high resolution images that will go with the write-up. If any YouTube Video / general video, goes with your article / write-up, send it with the email.
  3. Your email should clearly mention – The Heading for the Article, the Category / Categories that it adheres to, the Tags / Keywords it addresses or associates with. These things should be mentioned in the body of the email, along with YouTube links (if any). The main article / write-up (in word doc format) and the images / videos should be attached to the email.
  4. We shall go through your article and if it is accepted by the editorial team, we shall publish it. If the editorial team feels that some modification is needed, we shall send that to you and you may / may-not agree to do the modifications. The modified submission shall again go through the editorial team.

NOTE: If one time payment is made, it shall be made after acceptance and after Publishing the Article / Write-up, preferably on a monthly payment basis. This means the total payments for all the articles accumulated for say, the month of April, shall be paid by the first week of May. We shall maintain an Excel sheet for all One-Time Payment Contributors. Once paid, the article shall be an exclusive publishing property of The Creative Post but the ownership and credit will go to the Author. But no Royalty or Payment of any other kind shall be made after that.

With the above mentioned terms, we wish you happy writing !!