Ghost Diaries 4 – Going Back Home (Final Chapter)

– (Reading Time: 17 mins Approx.) NOTE TO READER: Read philosophically RECAP: [While visiting the Indian museum Rose felt mesmerised hearing about the history of Indian Freedom struggle with context to Kolkata. As they were about to leave, they saw Read more

Ghost Diaries 3: Shaping of Modern India!

– (Reading Time: 35 min Approx.) NOTE TO READER: Read philosophically RECAP: [Walking the footsteps of history the living dead explored every nook and corner of The Indian Botanic Garden. The trip became more exciting as Sir Charles Stuart joined Read more

Ghost Diaries 2: When Calcutta was City of Palaces

Everyone got more excited now. I couldn’t believe my Death day celebration will take such an interesting turn. So far all I knew about Calcutta is from my aunt and uncle and some of my personal experiences. But the night is young, and death is only the beginning.

Homage to 200 years of greatness

Vidyasagar – the sea of kindness. A noble man once said about Vidyasagar that if his knowledge, intelligence, dedication, ability to establish schools, widow remarriage tradition penchant for education, authorship skills- if all of these were kept aside, except his kindness, that kindness would be enough to make him an indelible legendary figure. This is not even slightly exaggerated.