The Return

In his ten years of life, Bonku had come to realize that his father despised him with a certain dedication. He was scolded often for not having enough friends, for being a favorite pick among the school bullies, for failing to be the class topper and for still sobbing for his mother at night. His weakness angered his father, and his anger humiliated him. That had linked them together somehow.

Meet The Prophet: Chapter 3

For me, Dhrupad is the only language that I know. It is a form of art which involves both vocal music and instrumental music. The traditional practice of playing Alaap and Jod in an instrument has actually originated from Dhrupad.

Structurally, Dhrupad comprises of Alaap and Bandish. Above this, if I am to tell you what Dhrupad really is, I would say, it is a milestone of Indian music. It is a proof of the civilization of Indian music.