Priyanka’s Creation organizes- Drawing Competition 2020

– Reading Time: 3 min Approx Priyanka’s Creation is an organization established on 20th January, 2018. Their vision is to spread the art and culture of Bengal. We make handmade jewellery, wall hangings, nameplates, posters, decorative items, painting on guitars, Read more

Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF) – 25 Years

25 long years! But it seems only the other day! Kolkata International Film Festival has traversed a quarter of a century. Jaded with watching—and sometimes not watching—commercial and run-of-the-mill bioscope throughout the year, desperate film enthusiasts get an opportunity to immerse themselves in a plethora of socially-conscious, aesthetically gratifying films of various styles, moods and genres at the annual carnival of world cinema.

Resonance Triangle of Fine Arts – TRIO

The Exhibition that reflects the harmony of Painting, Sculpture & Photography by the masters in the respective fields to create something unique & beautiful. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness something splendid.

Dugga Dugga – Photography Exhibition

Let us stop playing and start praying the women of our society, let us make sure that all our domestic Goddesses get the respect they deserve. Women indulge in activities everywhere be it in sports field, farming, fighter pilot, vegetable vendor, construction site, household, chore, NGO, teacher, army and the list goes on.