Dugga Dugga – Photography Exhibition

Let us stop playing and start praying the women of our society, let us make sure that all our domestic Goddesses get the respect they deserve. Women indulge in activities everywhere be it in sports field, farming, fighter pilot, vegetable vendor, construction site, household, chore, NGO, teacher, army and the list goes on.

Homage to 200 years of greatness

Vidyasagar – the sea of kindness. A noble man once said about Vidyasagar that if his knowledge, intelligence, dedication, ability to establish schools, widow remarriage tradition penchant for education, authorship skills- if all of these were kept aside, except his kindness, that kindness would be enough to make him an indelible legendary figure. This is not even slightly exaggerated.

Art Treasures of the Rashtrapati Bhavan

“Why is that room locked? What’s there in it? “This question one of my aunt’s was answered with a slightly exasperated gesture by the guide, who was showing us around the abode of the President of India, at the Rashtrapati Bhavan…