The Magic of Meditation

The Magic of Meditation

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Shreya was looking through the 45th floor window of her hotel in downtown New York. She took a sip from her cup of green tea that probably tastes a little differently with success. 5 years back she was struggling in life. No work and virtually no money. It was in New York, while looking out of a window Shreya saw glimpses of her own past.

Success never comes easy and no one better than Shreya knew that with life’s harshest experiences. But life taught her it’s even more hard to get success when you chase it. So, after all the wrong decisions, doing and undoing of things she learnt the essence of life.

She remembered her aunt, who introduced her to meditation.

This changed her life and gave it a jump start. She got clients and her work started getting admired. Then she never had to look back. Such was the magic of meditation.

Shreya was an interior designer based in Kolkata. Within a short time, she started getting top clients in Singapore, Japan, London, Paris, New York etc. Shreya was very happy with her success. She truly felt on Top of the World. She realized how meditation helps one to be the best version of them.  It’s cleanses from within like a natural healer.

Anything is possible with Meditation

Shreya remembered her aunt telling her one day anything in life can be achieved with meditation. But the practice of meditation has to be done with discipline and persistence.  One can bring into one’s life:

  1. Financial Wealth
  2. Improved relationships
  3. Creative Thinking
  4. Spiritual Consciousness
  5. Inner Peace
  6. Healthier Lifestyle
  7. Happiness for yourself and others around you

Shreya was astounded by these claims. She could not believe her aunt. She wondered that just by meditation the above can be achieved. Her friends in school and college never spoke about it. She wanted to try out meditation. She wanted all the seven above things to happen in her life. So, she asked her aunt to guide her on meditation and the first question she asked her was – What is Meditation?

Her aunt responded. She said first you must know that Meditation is India’s biggest gift to human civilization. Its impact is far greater than the contribution of Zero to Mathematics. It has been practiced in this country for thousands of years. Around 2400 years back a Rishi by the name of Patanjali collected all the knowledge about Meditation and compiled it in the form of Patanjali Yoga Sutras. This scripture is the mother literature on Meditation. It is studied by serious students of meditation. But for a beginner like you let me present you a simpler understanding of meditation.

People have lot of misconceptions about meditation. The simplest right answer is – Any mental activity where you are focused on one object, subject or thought for duration is meditation.

Say for instance a player is playing football with full concentration. He can be said to be in meditation for the time he has played with complete focus. If a musician playing his musical instrument gets completely lost in it, then he can be said to be in meditation. Similarly, for a student who is so deep in his study that he is oblivious to anything else then he can be said to be in meditation. An orator if he is completely immersed in giving his speech that nothing else exists for him then he can be said to be in meditative state. A housewife cutting vegetable in the kitchen is doing it with complete concentration and it does not feel like work at all to her, she can be said to be in meditation.

First step to meditation is Concentration

Meditation is always preceded by concentration. Unless and until one does not concentrate on an object, subject, thought or activity meditation cannot happen. So, the first step to meditation is always concentration. We all have done activities in life which require concentration. Whenever we did those activities we were actually meditating. More the concentration better will be the meditation.

Power of concentration can be easily increased by doing one thing at a time. Do not multitask. This will deplete the power of concentration. If you are watching TV, do not have a cup of tea along with it. Just watch the video with 100% concentration. If you are walking on the street, then walk on the street. Do not allow your mind to travel to other places. If you are driving a car then drive the car, do not listen to the music or radio. So simply put stick to doing one action at a time. This will bring enormous jump in your power of concentration.

I become what I meditate on

Shreya asked her aunt what should she meditate on and how should she meditate? Her aunt told her meditate on whatever you need in life. You will become whatever you meditate on. This simple rule has to be remembered. All meditation should be driven around this golden principle. Then you see the Magic of Meditation.  Take a comfortable chair in a quiet room. Wear comfortable clothes. Be freely seated. Close your eyes and think about 1 topmost thing which you want in life. Be seated for at least 15-30 mts. Practice this every day for a month. Do it preferably in the same room and same chair. Next month choose another thing you want most in your life.

Regular Practice created Results

Shreya was still at that window in New York. She recollected how she diligently worked every day on improving her concentration by doing one thing at a time. She also meditated to be the best interior designer of Kolkata and subsequent meditations month after month gave her great clientele, soulful effect to her designs and finally happy international presence.

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