Rishab Tongue Trails 02: Peel Story

He helped us safely reach India, but we did not know anyone here, and started living in the slum nearby. And we were not the only family stuck in that kind of devastating situation. There were thousands of us struggling for existence. As days went by, we became like family. And to tell you the truth, we got the native Indians by our sides. Some of them helped us by sharing their foods and clothes. In these days, we learnt that we should not waste even the peels of vegetables as those too are edible. Fried potato peels can be eaten with normal daal and rice and also saves the cost of a side dish. The days have changed now, but those awful days taught us a lot about life.

Rishab Tongue Trails 01: Bori Story

The steaming white rice kernels looked like fresh jasmine on the plate. Almost all the surrounding area of the wooden slab was covered with bowls of different shapes and sizes. Filled with Bengali dishes that one can think of at a time. But there was one plate that attracted Rishabh the most. A plate which had amazing designs on them. He didn’t understand if they were to eat or to be looked at.