Meet The Prophet: Chapter 3

For me, Dhrupad is the only language that I know. It is a form of art which involves both vocal music and instrumental music. The traditional practice of playing Alaap and Jod in an instrument has actually originated from Dhrupad.

Structurally, Dhrupad comprises of Alaap and Bandish. Above this, if I am to tell you what Dhrupad really is, I would say, it is a milestone of Indian music. It is a proof of the civilization of Indian music.

Meet The Prophet: Chapter 2

The second incident was in Paris. When I accompanied Bade Ustad to Paris for the first time, I expressed my wish to visit the Eiffel Tower. Somehow or the other, he didn’t let me go. When for the next time I went with him there, again I was not let go visit it. Once again this was repeated for the third time when Ustad didn’t let me go to visit the Eiffel Tower.

Meet The Prophet: Chapter 1

 PANDIT UDAY BHAWALKAR…in dialogue with…SUBHADRAKALYAN  (Reading Time: Approx 10 min) CHILDHOOD Meeting Pandit Uday Bhawalkar has always been a great experience for me for the past seventeen years of my life. Uday Dada, that’s exactly what I call him, remains Read more

Priyanka’s Creation organizes- Drawing Competition 2020

– Reading Time: 3 min Approx Priyanka’s Creation is an organization established on 20th January, 2018. Their vision is to spread the art and culture of Bengal. We make handmade jewellery, wall hangings, nameplates, posters, decorative items, painting on guitars, Read more

The Strokes 2019-20 – Second Annual Show of Anthelion School of Art

Anthelion School of Art organised their second Annual exhibition, ‘The Strokes’ from 10th to 12th January 2020 at the famous Jamini Roy Gallery, ICCR, Kolkata. The exhibition ran for 3 consecutive days and can predominantly proclaim itself as a huge success for its over 44 students who took part in this exhibition with their vibrant and exquisite artworks.

Samir Aich – Artist who experiments with Nature’s Primordial Force

One thing can be surely said that Mr. Aich is an opinionated man and he is very precise and to the point when it comes to expressing them. We are honoured and privileged to Artist Mr. Samir Aich for sharing his thoughts and enriching us about Art and its attributes.

Jovial Ghosts of the City of Joy

This article is based on few of the stories of the ghostly spots of the city of joy. It’s up to my dear readers whether they would like to quest these places at your own risk. And nowadays Ghost walks are also happening with much fanfare in the city, interested people may like to book a rendezvous with the city ghosts in one of the holinights.

Anthelion National Scholastic Fine Arts Competition 2019-20

It was an evening of Life full of Art. The weather was cold outside but every person present, at the Anthelion National Scholastic Fine Arts Competition 2019-20’s Final Round Exhibition left with smile on their faces and warmth in their heart.