Dancing Around India: Chapter 2 – Mohiniyattam

 – (Reading Time: 12 min Approx) Next morning around, 11 o’clock Sunetra got down at Trivandrum Central, railway station. The cool breeze and greenery all around whispered to her ears – “Welcome, Sunetra! Kerala was waiting for you”.  She opened Read more

Priyanka’s Creation organizes- Drawing Competition 2020

– Reading Time: 3 min Approx Priyanka’s Creation is an organization established on 20th January, 2018. Their vision is to spread the art and culture of Bengal. We make handmade jewellery, wall hangings, nameplates, posters, decorative items, painting on guitars, Read more

The Strokes 2019-20 – Second Annual Show of Anthelion School of Art

Anthelion School of Art organised their second Annual exhibition, ‘The Strokes’ from 10th to 12th January 2020 at the famous Jamini Roy Gallery, ICCR, Kolkata. The exhibition ran for 3 consecutive days and can predominantly proclaim itself as a huge success for its over 44 students who took part in this exhibition with their vibrant and exquisite artworks.