The Rich Party

I am sure many of you can relate to the period of 90’s. This was probably the best phase of transition we kids of that time saw. The old die hard habits of elderly and another sect readily waiting to explore the westernization. We basically had the option of being both. The extreme phase where middle class families predominated in the society and the rich were those who lived in foreign countries.

Love’s First Encounter

I felt like I was floating above the clouds as I said to myself, “So, this is love.” After dinner and a shower, I laid in my bed thinking about what the future would bring now that Tabitha and I were in love. I closed my eyes and drifted off to dream of Love’s first encounter.

Celestial Sermons

Make no mistake, every life form in what you call the outer world is worried of man and equally worried of all other living beings that are there on the earth who may have to perish along with you for no fault of theirs. They, the extra-terrestrial objects of innumerable varieties, are, without exception, your well-wishers. My friend, try to be a good human being for you have all the qualities that a creature can be endowed with. Be good, do good to others, love one and all. You will find your existence on the good earth will be so full of happiness! After all, you deserve to live in peace, in eternal bliss.