The Geometry Box

Going back to her growing up years, Chitra said: “Gautam, today we are so fortunate that we can buy things worth 50K at the drop of a hat. Remember, there was a time when we couldn’t get ourselves to ask our parents for a geometry box?” Gautam instantly agreed and said: “Oh my God! The coveted Camlin Geometry Box. It was the most expensive and prized possession. I know last I wanted it, it was for 45 or 50 rupees. And still that seemed like a fortune.”

The Rich Party

I am sure many of you can relate to the period of 90’s. This was probably the best phase of transition we kids of that time saw. The old die hard habits of elderly and another sect readily waiting to explore the westernization. We basically had the option of being both. The extreme phase where middle class families predominated in the society and the rich were those who lived in foreign countries.