The Debut Match

A high elbow cover drive. No, no. A straight drive. And if the ball is short, I shall cut it through the square or pull it through the mid-wicket area. It shall be my beginning. The grand debut. Arrival of a Champion. Amir kept perfecting this shot in his imaginary world, when his father interrupted him.

The Geometry Box

Going back to her growing up years, Chitra said: “Gautam, today we are so fortunate that we can buy things worth 50K at the drop of a hat. Remember, there was a time when we couldn’t get ourselves to ask our parents for a geometry box?” Gautam instantly agreed and said: “Oh my God! The coveted Camlin Geometry Box. It was the most expensive and prized possession. I know last I wanted it, it was for 45 or 50 rupees. And still that seemed like a fortune.”

Mistaken Identity!

-Written By Vartika Sharma Lekhak (Reading Time: 32 min Approx) Mr. D’Souza ran after his son, followed by his wife. ‘Jimmy, Jimmy what happened? Have you got mixed up in some funny stuff again?’ Jimmy rushed into his room and Read more

A Fun Night-out

Nikki lowered her eyes to avoid eye contact with her dad. She always had a fear for her dad, he could be very tempered sometimes. “Sorry dad, I didn’t mean it in that way.” Her dad shook his head. “Okay, you can go. And behave at Petra’s house, I don’t want to hear any complaints of her parents, okay?” “Okay dad, I promise.” Quickly she took her bag, afraid that her dad would change his mind and told her to stay at home.

The Other Woman!

Suddenly, I felt as if she had grown in size. She seemed to occupy the entire room. I sensed that her presence was overpowering me. I began to suffocate. It became increasingly difficult to breathe. I tried to shout and raise an alarm but words were stifled in my mouth. I tried to break myself free. In the jostling, I managed to grab the paper-knife on the table and lunged at her. The knife sliced her in the middle and I felt down on the ground with a huge thud.

That not so great Outdoor…

I had completely forgot in the excitement that we needed to report the men who did this. The police came and took a report, and said, “we will do all we can to find these guys.” Dave is going to be okay, but the traumatic experience I’m sure will live with us forever.