A Fun Night-out

-Written By Wilma Bos

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Nikki and Petra were standing in front of the mirror.

The music was playing loud, the loudspeakers moved with every beat.

They began to dance on the base sounds and started lip singing with their favourite song. The reason for the good mood was; the perspective of an exciting night. Petra’s boyfriend and his best friend would spend a night out together with them in the new and very popular Limbo club in the big city. In their village, there was nothing special to do for young people and they got bored very often.

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But not tonight, tonight they were going to party! Many dresses and skirts were fitted until they were satisfied with their choices of outfits. They didn’t want to be seen as the ‘Village-girls’…no they wanted to look hip and classy. The smell of perfume and hairspray filled the air. Any other person would feel suffocated by the heavy penetrating smell, but the two girls didn’t have any problems.

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They even lightened up a cigarette and tried to make smoke circles. The mixture of all made the room smell like a cheap bar at midnight. Nikki and Petra were not very well-behaved kids. They both had a very strict upbringing, and that is why they felt compelled to lie to their parents so they could have a little bit of fun. Their parents didn’t realize that, by loosen up the reins a little bit, their children would be more honest with them. This time they told a very big and dangerous lie to their moms and dads. Nikki told that she was sleeping over at Petra’s house, and Petra told that she was going to sleep over at Nikki’s house.


But they planned not to sleep at all. They planned to party all night till it was daytime, and then stay at Petra’s boyfriend’s place. He had his own house for a couple of years now. Jay was a little bit older than Petra. It didn’t really matter to them, they had similar interest and taste. They were a very good-looking couple. Jay, with his olive brown skin and wavy black hair, and Petra with her fair skin with little freckles around her nose and curly red hair. She kept it a secret to her parents that she was having a boyfriend. Otherwise, they wouldn’t allow her to go anywhere. They finished the cigarette and tossed it in the bin for her tissues, making sure that it didn’t catch fire.

Nikki’s parents were sitting downstairs watching some documentary on the television. When the two girls entered the room, their heads turned their way.

“Have you’ve been smoking in your room?” – mom asked her. “No mom, we burned a candle and then blew it out, I think that is what you are smelling.” She said it without blushing.

“Yeah maybe that’s what it is, but don’t let me catch you smoking young women.” – her mom said firmly. “No, no worries mom, I’m a good girl.” Her dad looked at her and said – “Where are you going, all dressed up? I thought you would only sleepover at Petra’s house.”

“Yeah dad, but a girl needs to look good at all times” – she rolled her eyes. “Don’t you roll your eyes at me girl, otherwise you’re not going anywhere and you can stay at home!” – her dad replied.

Nikki lowered her eyes to avoid eye contact with her dad. She always had a fear for her dad, he could be very tempered sometimes. “Sorry dad, I didn’t mean it in that way.” Her dad shook his head. “Okay, you can go. And behave at Petra’s house, I don’t want to hear any complaints of her parents, okay?” “Okay dad, I promise.” Quickly she took her bag, afraid that her dad would change his mind and told her to stay at home.

Together they left the house, ready for their great adventure. They agreed with Jay and his friend that they would pick them up at eight, at the bridge by the river. Both stood at the bus stand, where they should have taken the bus to Petra’s house. Petra never met Jay’s friend. What was his name again…? Oh yeah, she remembered, it was Kamal! Jay explained to her that he was single and good looking. Maybe Nikki would like him and they could double date in the future. Hmm yeah, that would be great!

She looked at her friend and a vixen’s smile appeared on her face. After five minutes of waiting, they saw the car of Jay arriving. It was a very nice-looking car; Honda City was the brand. She felt really proud when she and Jay were driving around in the car, and acted like a queen. The car stopped and Jay got out of the car, followed by his friend on the other side of the passenger’s seat.

Jay didn’t lie. Kamal was very handsome. A little bit smaller than Jay, and a nice friendly face. They shook hands and introduced themselves to each other. Nikki looked at her and lifted her eyebrows two times. She liked what she saw, this was going to be a great evening. They took their seats at the back and Jay drove off. After one-and-a-half-hour drive, they arrived at a big field and parked the car. Behind the car parking was a big building with neon lights flickering “

Limbo Club” together with a big palm tree. They had to pay for entering the club. It was a specials night; a very famous DJ was playing. Jay and Kamal paid for both of them. Earlier in the car, she noticed that Kamal watched Nikki several times in the rear-view mirror. She guessed he also liked her. After they brought their coats to the coat-check, they entered the club. It was enormous and the dance floor was outstanding. Light beams crossed each other and smoke came out of the floor. It was surrounded with professional dancers who belonged to the club. They were on a higher level and all dressed up the same.

The girls wore short yellow skirts, together with a tight black top. The boys wore black jeans with a yellow sleeveless t-shirt. The D.J played great, loud music. Everything was perfect. They ordered a drink at the bar. Petra wasn’t used to drinking much alcohol, but one beer couldn’t do any harm. She just wanted to finish it when Nikki screamed in her ear: Do you like to dance!? Yeah sure!

They walked to the dance floor and started to dance to the sounds of the music. After a while their feet got hurt in their high heels, and desperate for a drink. Nikki already finished hers before they went dancing and ordered a new one. Petra finished hers. They didn’t have any idea where Jay and Kamal were. But they didn’t panic, they would find them. Ten minutes later de two boys came back and Nikki started a conversation with Kamal. They looked good together. Jay was talking to someone else. Petra felt a little bit tired; she found a comfortable chair in a corner of the club. So weird, she felt dizzy and sleepy.

A strange man came to her and he started to sing.

“Cocaine, running around my brain”. She recognized the song, her dad played it many times. Her eyes felt heavy, what happened to her. She tried to scream for help, but couldn’t. The sound got stuck in her throat. God, please help me, was her last thought.

The next day

After many hours of scary dreams, images of someone taking her into a car, disturbing sounds she woke up. Still feeling very weak she opened her eyes. This was not her room. Her hart beaten fast in her chest. Where am I? Whose house is this? What happened to me? She didn’t remember anything. Like an old lady, she got out of bed and walked to the door. Desperately she tried to open it. But it was locked from the other side. She found her strength again, Adrenaline rushed through her veins.

Bang! Bang! Her fist banged the door. Help! Help me! Screaming as loud as she could. Suddenly she heard some footsteps on the stairs, running. Petra stood in front of the door with her fist raised, ready to attack. As soon as the door opened, she tried to knock down the person who entered the room. But that person was quicker and she missed. Petra, stop! It’s me, Jay! Please calm down! Behind Jay stood Nikki.

She walked up to Petra and hugged her tight while crying. Oh my god, we were so worried about you. I thought I was going to lose you. We didn’t know what to do. You were acting so weird last night. We brought you to Jay’s home. We were scared that you would run away, so we locked the door.

Tell me what happened. Meanwhile, Kamal also came into the room and wrapped his arm around Nikki. They all sat down on the bed, and she started to tell her story. That is all I can remember…… Kamal’s face was serious.

I think the man who was singing to you, drugged you. He did it when you left the bar and your drink to go dancing. Luckily, we came in between and brought you safely to my place, his plan failed. Drugs? Why? Some bad man tried to drug woman so they are defenceless, and they can do what they want with them. Really? That happens? Sadly yes, Kamal replied. But you are safe now. Never leave your drink on the bar okay? She nodded her head while many thoughts went through it.

What if the man succeeded, what would her friend tell her parents? God knows what could have happened to her. Thanks to her good friends, nothing happened. Petra promised herself, never, ever to do something stupid like this again.

-Written By Wilma Bos

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Wilma Bos, writer, painter, molder with clay. Since she was a little girl she made up her own stories and was determined to find a listening ear. Mostly in the very early morning in her parent’s bed. Later in life she began to write poetry in three languages. Dutch, English and her native language Gronings. After losing her Job through illness she found time to write a book and short stories. This became her passion. Her goal is to take people into the flow of her mind. Inspire them, touch their hearts, make them think about life and use their imagination. Her hopes are that she can change someone’s life in a good way. Bring something good to this world and to humanity.

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