Dancing Around India: Chapter 2 – Mohiniyattam

 – (Reading Time: 12 min Approx) Next morning around, 11 o’clock Sunetra got down at Trivandrum Central, railway station. The cool breeze and greenery all around whispered to her ears – “Welcome, Sunetra! Kerala was waiting for you”.  She opened Read more

Bengal’s Castle Village – Dhanyakuria

A very prominent hamlet during British rule, in North 24 Parganas, on the Barasat-Taki Road, towards Basirhat, is the Bengal’s Village of Castles. While experiencing the Downtown Abbeys of Dhannyakuria, you will be compelled to admire and compare with the Architecture of Medieval Europe. Witness Real-life illustrations of Western folklore, the castles are decked in pointy towers and square turrets and boasts of gardens with ponds & cherubs. Dhannyakuria belonged to the Sunderban Area till in 1742; when Jagannath Das and his Family began living here. The unkempt ruins today charm you as you wonder in awe.

The Banyan Beckons

Rustic, yet with strong religious significance, with an age-old Temple, the branches of the Tree look like an amazing sculpture – carved effortlessly by mother Nature. The Sunlight filters through the Banyan Leaves as you walk under the Great Banyan, enjoying the shelter – serene and peaceful.

Art Treasures of the Rashtrapati Bhavan

“Why is that room locked? What’s there in it? “This question one of my aunt’s was answered with a slightly exasperated gesture by the guide, who was showing us around the abode of the President of India, at the Rashtrapati Bhavan…