Paarh – The Riverbank: Chapter 01

(Reading Time: 25 min Approx) Searching For the Plot Note of the Director Mr. Raj Banerjee to the Readers: “I made the film ‘Paarh: The Riverbank’ to speak for Humanity; To speak for those people, who lost their everything by Read more

The Debut Match

A high elbow cover drive. No, no. A straight drive. And if the ball is short, I shall cut it through the square or pull it through the mid-wicket area. It shall be my beginning. The grand debut. Arrival of a Champion. Amir kept perfecting this shot in his imaginary world, when his father interrupted him.

Rishab Tongue Trails 01: Bori Story

The steaming white rice kernels looked like fresh jasmine on the plate. Almost all the surrounding area of the wooden slab was covered with bowls of different shapes and sizes. Filled with Bengali dishes that one can think of at a time. But there was one plate that attracted Rishabh the most. A plate which had amazing designs on them. He didn’t understand if they were to eat or to be looked at.

Ninjutsu: Combat Stories – 04

(Reading Time: 17 min Approx) Ninjutsu literally meaning: Ninja Techniques, is one of the three main Jutsu categories. Ninjutsu (忍術), Ninpo or Taijutsu, is both a living, hands-on martial art and a myth based on the figure of the Ninja. Read more