Little Lily Lost in Leisure

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Little lily lost in leisure

Trying to trace her long lost treasure

Where to find and where to not

But ended up finding what she should not.


Under the table, inside the kitchen

Spared rooms, old woollen and mittens

Ravaged her clothes and only she could find

Her dead friend Daisy’s photo, that still shines.

She cried a bit thinking of her

Then again, the searching spree took over.

She looked under her bed and the hall as well

But ended up finding an old worn out bell.

Then she remembered it was her little dog

Who once got eaten by the winter fog.

She cried but again stood up

What to do? She refused to give up!


Every nooks and corners of her house stood silent in fear

Who knows what lily end up finding there!

She looked, she peeped, and she called out loud

Oh! My treasure, are you nowhere to be found?




Just then she thought to search the basement

And ran down there through the wooden pavement

 The basement was dark, gloomy and deep

 But her fear didn’t shake her a bit.




The room was dusty, Lily started to cough

It was filled with stuffs old enough

Her grandpa’s shoes, her mother’s scarf

That rifle father used, grandma’s tarts

She finally saw what she was looking for

The family portrait she treasured for

She hugged it to her chest and murmured in her heart

If it was not the war, we haven’t been apart.



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Aritri is currently working as the Content Director of The Creative Post. Aritri Chatterjee is a writer and poet with a keen interest in literature and life. She has done her Bachelor's degree in English Literature from Calcutta University and her Master's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the Visva Bharati. She tells her stories being the one in the crowd yet chooses to stand alone. To her, where there is life, there's always literature and where there isn't; that's literature itself.

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