Better Half

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Sitting on the bed near the window; she let the sun play with her blushed-glowing face.

The night has drawn some malevolent artworks on that body, which was once craved by many others but never satisfied their cravings. She rested her cheeks on her palms and closed her eyes only to stopover the night they spent wrapping each other like parasites. It was a night of heavy breathes; warm kisses and embracing. As long as the earth is moving and these two half souls reside, the urge of compiling into one will always be there. No, she didn’t know this, but she felt it last night. May be that’s the way Ophelia has felt when Hamlet painted on her lips with his. She knew that their love is like Sisyphus which will never get tired of rolling the stone to the peak of the hill. She heaved a sigh of relief… “Thank god! Stones are round”.

Her eyes kept travelling on his sleeping body. While his eyes were closed, travelling the land of dreams. She moved close to his ears and with her soft, warm breath whispered – “keep travelling so that my eyes can soothe themselves by looking at you”. He moved a little as her winged breath mingled in his ear. Once again, she muttered – “…travel as far as you want but my hands will always reside in yours, no matter where you go. They will be…always!”

Sun brightened the nature with splendor and beauty as they justified love.

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Aritri Chatterjee is a writer and poet with a keen interest in literature and life. She has done her Bachelor's degree in English Literature from Calcutta University and her Master's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the Visva Bharati. She tells her stories being the one in the crowd yet chooses to stand alone. To her, where there is life, there's always literature and where there isn't; that's literature itself.

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