If writing is what gives you joy unspeakable, if the small things in life and their relation to human emotions, is what captures your attention every day, if weaving stories out of every small & big thing is what happens to you naturally, then trust me: this is where you should be –

The Creative Post ( in association with Story Basket ( & Anthelion School of Art ( is organising a unique story writing competition – ALL INDIA LITERATURE COMPETITION: 2019-20.

Most part of this competition is online, but it will conclude in a One Day Lit Fest to be organized in Kolkata in March / April 2020 (Date & Venue to be decided in due course of time) where the prize distribution shall happen, but being present there is not a must.


Registration –

Participants will first have to register with us through any one of the following methods mentioned at the end of this page by paying the non-refundable registration fees (Non-refundable Registration fees – Rs 515/-), during which they must let us know their choice of language for writing. We have THREE language options – ENGLISH, HINDI & BENGALI. The last date of registration is 22nd December 2019 (extended on request).

Then on confirmation of registration, the participant may write his / her story within 1500 words in any one of the following topics in his/her choice of language. Topic remains same for all languages.

Topics –
  1. Borderline
  2. A city without water
  3. The last train to earth

Submission –

Once ready, the participant will email their story to mentioning the following in the subject line – “Story Submission – AILC1920 – “Your Subject” – “#Mobile No. used for Registration””.

The Last Date of submission is 31st December 2019.

Selection & Judgement –

Judgement & Selection will happen in two stages. Once we close the submission, stage 1 will start where each of the story will be read & analysed thoroughly by 3 different set of judges in the following three parameters –

  1. Grammar & Technical Correctness – 30 marks
  2. Stylization – 30 marks
  3. Overall Relevance & Presentation – 40 marks

In the stage 1 – 50 stories will be shortlisted in each language – English (50 stories), Hindi (50 stories) & Bengali (50 stories)

This shall then go to the eminent judges in Stage 2 – from where they will select the 1st, 2nd & 3rd of each language.

Awards –

All the first stage shortlisted participants will be invited for the One Day Lit Fest and there we shall be awarding the final winners (1st, 2nd & 3rd of each language) with –

  1. Certificate
  2. Award Memento
  3. Book Vouchers
  4. Cash Prizes

We also plan to publish the top 50 of each language digitally and/or print media as a collection of short stories. More importantly the top 3 winners of each language will get regular writing project for one year with our various digital portals.

We therefore request you to register with us As Soon As Possible. In case of any query or confusion please call us at 97335 04525 between 12 pm and 5 pm Tuesday to Sunday.





List of Final Submission in English

Sl. No. Name Language Status / Note / Remarks
1 Suresh iyer English submitted
2 Amrita Sarkar English submitted
3 Manisha Gautami English submitted
4 Anjori English submitted
5 Ajit Giri English submitted
14 Srishti Mehta English submitted
15 Mamata Mohapatra English submitted
16 Kinjal gupta English submitted
18 Gitanjali Kalia English submitted
19 Dr. Shruti Sharma English submitted
20 Koel Roy Choudhury English submitted
21 Revati Mooppath English submitted
23 Supraajha M English submitted
25 Tania Bhattacharyya English submitted
27 Sherin Mary Zacharia English submitted
29 Nitusmita Saikia English submitted
30 Radhika Lambture English submitted
31 Ambika Handoo English submitted
33 Vijay Kumar Dondapati English submitted
34 Rutvik English submitted
37 Elvira Fernandez English submitted
38 Ganesh Motiram Mane English submitted
39 Gadepally Shashikala English submitted
41 H Asumi English submitted
42 Srishti Tyagi English submitted
44 SAMIR MALLICK English submitted
45 Jay Puranik English submitted
46 Vignesh S English submitted
48 Shweta Ravi English submitted
51 vyshnav ps English submitted
54 Nupur Bhagat English submitted
55 Rani Pankhuri English submitted
56 Rahul Paul English submitted
58 ANKITA TRIPATHI English submitted
60 Ashna Kumari English submitted
62 AL Rubia Mariam Hussain English submitted
67 Saher Sayed English submitted
72 Varun Thakkar English submitted
73 Lakshmi Sivaswamy Iyer English submitted
75 Somya Tulshyan English submitted
76 Sambuddha Sengupta English submitted
78 Lavanya N. English submitted
85 MOHIT KHARE English submitted
87 PANCHAMITIA SHARMA English submitted
88 Sreelekha Chatterjee English submitted
89 Nivedita D English submitted
90 J.Robin Williams English submitted
93 SURESH C. G English submitted
96 Anurag Mukhia English submitted
97 Surbhi jain English submitted
100 NIBEDITA MANDAL English submitted
102 Ashwati Nair English submitted
105 Kashni Tayal English submitted
107 Arushi Jain English submitted
109 Sarayu G English Submitted
110 DEBARATI DUTTA English submitted
111 Sammohinee Ghosh English submitted
113 Parul Singh English submitted
114 Pranati Chavali English Submitted
115 Mark Lancy Sebastian English submitted
117 Barnali Basu English Submitted
118 Avichal Agrawal English submitted
121 NITI BHATIA English submitted
123 Anjali Sanghi English submitted
124 Anjali Sanghi English submitted
125 Neha Tekwani English submitted
126 Deb Coomer Roy English submitted
129 Lakshay Kumar English Submitted
130 AFZAL AHMAD English submitted
132 Ananya Roy English submitted
134 Abhilash Shrivastava English submitted
136 Srishti Srinath English submitted
137 Steffi Sarkar Biswas English submitted
140 Ankita Gupta English submitted
145 Indrani Deb English submitted
146 Sharad Tripathi English Submitted
151 Namrata Mukherjee English Submitted
153 DIVYA JAIN English submitted
156 Sabyasachi Dasgupta English submitted
157 Poushali Kundu English submitted
162 Divya Dixit English Submitted
165 Monika Sundrani English Submitted
167 Sukanya Kar English Submitted
169 Kasturi Bhattacharya English submitted
172 Kuheli Bhattacharya English Submitted
173 DEEPIKESH JOSHI English submitted
174 Yogesh S Rane English submitted
175 Arunita Tushar Jagzape English Submitted
179 Vandana Sawani English Submitted
180 ishita majumder English submitted
181 ANOHITA SAMANTA English submitted
182 Shahnaz Zaidi English submitted
184 Deepthi Priyanka C English submitted
186 Alankrita Malviya English submitted
187 ABHIPSA MOHANTY English Submitted
189 Riddhi Dayal English submitted
190 Noureen K Ajmal English submitted
191 Arun dev s English submitted
192 Amith Shaju English Submitted
193 Sandra Mehaboobu English Submitted
195 Muhsina.K.Ismail English Submitted
196 Rahana K Ismail English Submitted
198 Debrrop Datta English submitted
202 Anupriya Chowdhary English Submitted
203 Pushpa Subramanian English submitted
205 Sujata Katoch Rana English Submitted
207 Vaishnavi Sanoj English submitted
211 Madhulima Banerjee English Submitted
212 Debjani Sarkar English Submitted
213 Pooja Batra English submitted
215 ARUNIMA GHOSH English Submitted
219 Hetal Joshi English Submitted
220 S.SHANKAR BABU English Submitted
221 Indrani Chakraborty English Submitted
223 Bhanu Pratap Raj English Submitted
224 Rajib Goswami English submitted
226 Sanyukta Shiv Kumar English Submitted
227 Gladis Thomas English Submitted
228 Sruthi Balaji English Submitted
231 Dinesh kumar English submitted
232 Sulagna De English submitted
235 Saurabh Bagchi English submitted
237 Neha Gupta English Submitted
239 Soma Sengupta English Submitted
241 S.B.SAI PRANISSHA English Submitted
242 Aineesh Dutt English Submitted
244 VIDYA CHANDRASEKHAR English Submitted
245 Vasty Ching Leivang English Submitted
246 ananya sen English Submitted
252 Nilam Ingole English submitted
253 Srivats Aiyer English Submitted
254 Trupti Kakani English Submitted
255 Sharanya Mangalpadi English Submitted
257 Swati singh English Submitted
258 Ravia Gupta English Submitted
259 Shimab Shahin English Submitted
262 Pratham Shenoy English Submitted
264 Kaisser Rana English Submitted
265 Calida Dsouza English Submitted
266 Shivansh Pandey English submitted
267 Prachi Mhatre English submitted
268 CHITTIPOTULA SAI PRIYA English submitted
269 Ashwini Solanki English Submitted
270 Anjali Rege English Submitted
272 Sreenu English Submitted
275 SUDARSHANA SENGUPTA English Submitted
276 Sreedurga S English Submitted
282 Savitha Subramanian English Submitted
283 HARISH SRINIVAS PRABHU English Submitted
285 Anjana Gupta English Submitted
286 Maithili Desai English Submitted
287 Antara Mukherjee English Submitted
288 Srishti Bhattacharyya English Submitted
289 Pranati Bhargava English Submitted
290 Komal Datta English submitted
292 Richa Saxena English Submitted
294 NIHARIKA KUMARI English Submitted
298 Aardra. S English Submitted
299 Manikya Sanghi English Submitted

List of Final Submission in Hindi

Sl. No. Name Language Status / Note / Remarks
10 Lalita Bawa Hindi submitted
11 Deepika Mawar Hindi submitted
12 Yash Bhardwaj Hindi submitted
66 Neeti Suroop Hindi submitted
95 RUBY PRASAD Hindi submitted
108 Indra Bhushan Goel Hindi submitted
120 Mukul Thakur Hindi submitted
131 Nida Kafil Hindi submitted
133 Dishant Arvind Mistry Hindi submitted
135 Preena T Hindi submitted
141 Guru saran srivastava Hindi submitted
142 Anita Mohan Hindi submitted
149 Annpurna p mishra Hindi submitted
150 Shirsti tiwari Hindi submitted
152 Richa Pandey Hindi submitted
160 Laxmi Deepak Potdar Hindi Submitted
171 Dr. Nitu Tiwari Hindi submitted
177 Gunjan chandrakar Hindi Submitted
188 Anil Pushker Hindi Submitted
214 Dr Surbhi Pareek Hindi Submitted
218 Roopali Thakur Hindi submitted
229 Parul Khanna Hindi Submitted
243 Bhawna Anjaly Hindi Submitted
273 Ashish kant Tatla Hindi Submitted
274 ARSHI ALAM Hindi Submitted
281 Jyoti Agarwal Hindi submitted
284 Anchal Saksena Hindi Submitted

List of Final Submission in Bengali

Sl. No. Name Language Status / Note / Remarks
8 Shilpa Das Bengali submitted
22 Dhrubojoty Mukherjee Bengali submitted
28 Samiran Banerjee Bengali submitted
32 Sinchini Kundu Bengali submitted
35 Riddhi Islam Bengali submitted
47 MAYUKH GOSWAMI Bengali submitted
68 Adheesha Sarkar Bengali submitted
74 Farhana Rahman Bengali submitted
82 Aparna chaudhuri Bengali submitted
86 Tania Bhattacharjee Bengali submitted
91 BULBUL MAITRA Bengali submitted
154 Samiran Banerjee Bengali submitted
163 Nikita roy chaudhury Bengali submitted
164 SANTANA DEBNATH Bengali Submitted
168 SHRABANI SOW Bengali submitted
178 SHRABANI SOW Bengali Submitted
208 Debadrita Panja Bengali Submitted
222 Diya Bengali Submitted
225 Rajib goswami Bengali Submitted
277 SUBHAJIT CHANDA Bengali Submitted
296 Shyamali Rakshit Bengali submitted
297 Rajarshi Bardhan Bengali Submitted