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Thou aren’t the creation of His alone –

Man has crafted you too, bestowing

surreal beauty upon you –

That, though, came straight from his heart!

Poets weaved your dresses

With similes and metaphors galore,

Casting upon you, every time, a new grace.

Artistes made your idol immortal,

Came colours, aromas, ornaments.

Pearls came from depths of ocean,

Gold from goldmines, flowers from an

ensemble of Spring –

From head to toe they bedecked you!

You were endowed with shyness, kindling

Man’s imagination of  you from afar;

Veiling you thus, man weaved

A web of enigma around you,

Making cravings for you even more.

Woman! God’s creation you’re only by half!

The other half is but man’s fantasy!


— by Dr. Parijat De

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Dr Parijat De is a mining engineer by academic attainment and educational administrator by profession. Nonetheless he has kept alive his fondness for literary activity which has burst forth in this late age of 57. He is now a prolific writer and his creations, much appreciated by people from different stratum of society, border on 3/4 write-ups in a week. His oeuvre contains poems, essays, translations and the like. He writes in simple yet lucid language. Dr De lives with his wife in Kolkata, what was earlier known as Calcutta.

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