Fountain of Youth

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In fantasies and science fiction we have heard of invisible hands performing great feats; as also of heroes becoming invisible in the eyes of foes to attack them unaware.

Proff. Bruce Drinkwater of the University of Bristol has developed a device that nearly makes this a reality. This device allows doctors to move biological cells around to sort them or assemble them making surgery completely free from the physicians’ sharp instruments like tongs, scissors or knives. The same technology can be applied to other small objects too.

Cardiologist Satyabrata Ganguly of Calcutta Medical College says that medical technology has progressed at galloping speed and has changed drastically in the last decade. Despite these medical advancements Dr Biswajit Chatterjee of the Indian Medical Association opines that the psycomatic angle to treatment should be held to be as important as the diagnostic part ‘every patient with his or her unique conditions is like a journey to me which I try to discover and explore as a doctor. I try to focus more on prevention of disease. “A lot of research is being successfully carried out on anti aging in many universities of US and Europe. Not only life span but youth span has been stretched longer in most first world countries”, says Dr. Chatterjee.

Much research is done in US Universities on anti-aging. Not only Botox, anti oxidants bypass machines, etc. are being updated, a host of chemical are now being worked upon. One can read about this even on internet sites.

One of the simple home remedies available at hand is to go for yoga, which has been accepted the world over as playing an essential role in extending youth span.

Yoga must be coupled by a little bit of aerobic or cardiovascular exercise in the last lap of the exercise session.

Try to go for liquids such as fruit juice like tomato juice, orange or mousambi or grape fruit juice (Batabi Lebu), soups fruit lassi (put banana, apple, guava, papaya whatever fruit available in a mixer with yoghurt (curd) and blend to make a health drink which should be taken before meals.

Massage – A good masseur can revive cells and even cure. Since massage techniques improve blood circulation and solve a host of muscular problems this works as a sort of a passive exercise.

Walk – Go walking whenever possible since swimming, cycling, going to the gym are not always possible in Indian cities. Even evenings are excellent for walking.

Try to remain tension free by making at least one or two good friends. Control anger and negative emotions in public. Remember, relationships have to be created and cultivated with care.

Finding good friends had never been easier, with the advent of Facebook, marriage sites etc., friendships can be discovered and tailored.

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