Unnoticed Unseen

— By Mr. Suresh Iyer

— Reading Time- 2 Min Approx

Image Courtesy: The Fishbowl Network

I woke up one day
Unnoticed, unseen
The sparrows were chirping
Did not mind me between

I poked them gently
The sparrows got scared
Seeing them fly
I went mad



Image Courtesy: The Guardian

I ran out into the streets
Naked and free
Hurled pebbles on passersby
Watched them flee with glee

I felt like a king
In this blind men’s paradise
Shocking poor fellows at will
Making fun of their cries


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I was shaken hard
By someone I could not see
I rubbed my eyes
Could see only darkness around me

It was my mother
She put me on her lap
Tears filled my eyes
As I went into recap


Image Courtesy: Paths to Literacy

I wished my dreams were true
I could see the world go blind
Why O Lord,
You robbed away my sight
What was my fault,
You made me Blind!

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Suresh M Iyer, born in 20 March 1974 at the cultural city of Dombivli in Maharashtra works for CBI ACB Mumbai. He has a passion for writing short stories and poetry. Winner of Short Stories by the Writers Guild of India, AP. He writes on horror, romance and social drama in various blog sites.

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