A Promise!

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Sequence 1:

Four friends enjoying dinner at home.

SFX: In background, sound of thunder and rain outside. Clutter of plates and glasses clinking.

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Rai: I don’t think rain will stop in next two hours at least.

Shail: At least weather has turned for good. It reminds me for another round of tea.

Kumar: Yeah yeah!!

John: It’s so eerie, (more thundering).. Just like that day!

Shail: which day?

John: Hmm…forget it.

Kumar: Tell us, we have all the time and perfect mood.

Sound: (of teacups and plates)

Kumar: Lo tea has also arrived.

John: I know no one will believe me. You all will laugh afterwards.

Kumar: Enough of suspense now spill the story. (Sound of sipping the tea)

John: Have you ever seen a ghost?

Shail: Yes, in movies. (Laughing) Oh, we are grownups for god’s sake.

Others: yes, yes.

John: Yes, I also believed that…until…(pause)…that night, about a month back.

SFX: (thundering, raindrops, eerie wind)

John: I was coming back from a late-night movie when it started to rain suddenly.

(John going back into the memory lane, music indicating that)

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Sequence 2:

(Theme music to indicate change of scene)

SFX: (thundering, motorbike stopping)

John: Shit! This is my worst day, now what has happened to this bike. (Sound of jammed accelerator). It had to fail in this jungle only. Now I will have to wait here till this wicked rain stops.

(Eerie wind blowing and rustle of tree leaves)

John: Wow, it looks so ghostly like those TV soaps…and no house or shop in sight.

(Thumping sound) Oh God! No signal in mobile also. My bad day.

Sound: female voice sobbing

John: (with mixture of fear and surprise) Who’s that, who is there, who is hiding behind that bush (sound of footsteps)? I think some child lost his way, I better go and look.

SFX: theme suspense

John: (talking to himself) Oh it’s a woman, why is she crying and sitting here alone.

(to the woman) hey, hey, who are you, are you okay? can I help?

Woman: (in a whisper) No one can help me, it’s too late. I am waiting here from so many years for someone to help me (sobbing again)

John: (talking to himself) I think she is hurt in head that is why talking all this nonsense.

(to the woman, in a consoling voice) Hey what happened, stop crying…. please tell me and I will help you. Where is your home, let me take you there when this rain stops?

Woman: (in sobbing, whispering voice) I have no home, no one. Will you help me, promise me, promise me?

John: First tell me what happened with you, why are you crying?

Woman: No…no.. first you promise me that you will help me, you won’t leave me here.

John: (with little irritation in voice).. Okay I promise!

Woman: Don’t forget that you promised…(pause)…. Have you seen milestone 32 on this road?

John: Near that petrol-pump?

Woman: Hmm, I was returning from a friend’s place when my car’s tyre punctured. I parked the car on the roadside and picked up the mobile to call someone. There was no signal, so I came out of the car.

(sobbing again)

John: Then? Then what?

Woman: Suddenly something had hit me…hard…as if my body had fallen from a fifteen storey building, bones crushing into powder…I saw blood, my blood on my hands, clothes and then everything started vanishing, a numbness spreading over me…as if a cold blanket was wrapped around me.

John: What!!!…But, you are perfectly fine, no scratch nothing….are you….are you…??

Woman: Listen to me first……

I have a faint memory of opening up of the car door and somebody dragging me to the back seat of the car. Maybe somebody was talking to me or I had heard my own voice moaning in pain. Then blackout…..

Do you see that spot there, behind those trees….

John: yes

Woman: I found myself lying there when I gained consciousness. Blood dried on my face, clothes, my body cut in so many places. I tried to move, to scream for help…..but no sound came out, I could not move. That accident had paralyzed me and whoever did this panicked and threw me here…. (short mock laugh). Hit and Run.

I don’t remember for how long I kept lying there, fruitlessly waiting for someone to come…

John: I don’t believe you; I think you are in some kind of shock…there had been no accident at 32 milestones. I just drove past that.

Woman: Eight years back…..That accident was eight years back, but newspapers reported me missing not killed…..(pause). Because nobody knew (a sneered cackle)..except that killer…that I am bleeding to death in this jungle and my body was never discovered…except by hyenas and dogs.

John: (a loud gasp) So you mean…? (with a stammer) I don’t believe it!

Woman: (sneering laugh) and since then my spirit is wandering; I am waiting for someone to take me from this lonely place. (a spooky laughter)

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And you promised, remember, you promised.

John: (with fear in voice) It cannot be true, you are lying, you are joking.

Woman: I know it is hard to believe. Okay. See…I will walk through this tree and nothing will happen to me.

John: My god…god I must be dreaming.

Woman: Take me from here, I am so lonely here, I will take good care of you (laugh).

John: Please let me go, I haven’t done any harm to you.

Sound: Of starting the bike.

Woman: (whimpering) Oh don’t run away, I am not scaring you, please come back, talk to me…you had promised you will take me along.


Sequence 3.

(John back from memory lane)

SFX: theme indicating end of scene

Sound: friends laughing and jeering.

Shail: Wow John, we never knew you were such a great storyteller.

Ray: (laughing) And for few seconds I actually believed him.

Kumar: (laughing) Good shot, but so bad that you left your ladylove alone in that forest.

John: (serious tone) I know, no one will ever believe me. But it is hundred percent true.

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Sound: an eerie laugh from back.

Shail: Who……………who’s that (with stammer)

John: oh ..that….that must be the…, that must be the (pause) ..housekeeper.

Shail: Way she laughs, oh man… it pierced my bone.

Rai: Housekeeper? But you never liked having a housekeeper when did you get this one?

John: About a month back. I never wanted one, but she was good, does all the work, she needed work and, (small pause) And I had promised.

Sound: of thundering, whistling wind.

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