I still hear her laugh: A True Story

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We all go through some incidents in life which runs a cold shiver down our spine every time we think about them. And I exactly have faced the same; those memories still haunt me.

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Those were my graduation years. My college was far from home which is why I rented a place to stay close to college and have a space of my own. I was a student of Journalism so most of our classes used to revolve around field experience. We had to cover lot of places for reporting, taking interviews etc.

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So after a pretty busy and tiresome week, the weekends were to us a blessing. Mostly Saturday night I used to dine out with my friends thus ending up going to my home late. And that one Saturday charged me peace of lifetime.

Winter started to approach and after a really hectic week me and my roommate decided to go out and relax a bit. There was a place 2-3 blocks away from our campus that served real good Chinese. We went there, ordered our food and we were having small talks just then I saw a weird woman sitting next to us in the table at my right side corner. She looked really creepy with her uncombed hair and long creepy dirt filled nails. I never judge people but it seemed it’s been long she haven’t had a bath or not following a healthy, clean life. She was tearing the napkins with the dinner fork for no reason. Anyways, I decided to ignore her and started eating my food. After 5 mints I saw her order also arrived which was chicken wings tossed in some spicy sauce. I wasn’t looking at her directly but could see from my peripheral vision what she was doing.

I saw her grabbing 2-3 chicken wings at a time and shoving them in her mouth like she hasn’t eaten from a long time. The spicy sauce was all over her fingers and her mouth making her look creepier than before. My roommate was sitting facing the back towards her which is why she couldn’t see any of these. I was so uncomfortable and didn’t want to gain that woman attention either so I chose not to tell her about the woman. This uncomfortable situation resided for another 10-15 mints until she finished her meal.

Then she wiped her dirty hands on her clothes and paid. I felt a bit relieved that she’ll finally leave and I’ll never have to see her again but if only I knew…she got up to leave and started to walk. I pretended to look at my phone as if all this time I wasn’t even aware of her existence. Just when she was about to pass me she suddenly stopped. My heart stopped for a while. I could sense her standing right behind me and staring at my phone. I didn’t have the guts to look around; my fingers froze on my phone. I was just praying to god to make her walk away. She stood behind me for 10-15 sec then giggled on her own and walked away.

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Somehow I managed to finish my food and told my roommate we must head back to our room right now. She was surprised for a bit seeing me panting like that but somehow I convinced her and we reached home as fast as we can. Once I reached home my roommate asked me if I was okay? Or, was I sick. But I dodged her questions and told her I’m just tired, I better go to bed. I entered my room and locked the door and out of fear went to lock the windows as well.

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Just then sweat crawled down my spine as I peeped from my bedroom window. She was there!!! She was standing in front of our house looking right at my window.

I was more than shocked and highly terrified thinking that she actually followed us to our house. My senses got number. She just stood there and kept giggling. Suddenly, I woke up from that numbness and ran to my roommate’s bedroom and started banging her door as loud as I could. She opened the door and I told her there’s some creepy woman standing in front of her house. We both headed back to the window but no one was there. Net morning, I told her everything and she got scared a bit too. We didn’t leave the house during night for 4-5 days out of an unknown fear but we never saw her again.

I never told my parents about this creepy encounter but often at night I wake up having nightmares; a sound of giggling coming from behind. So whoever you were, you weird, creepy woman let’s not meet ever again.


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Aritri is currently working as the Content Director of The Creative Post. Aritri Chatterjee is a writer and poet with a keen interest in literature and life. She has done her Bachelor's degree in English Literature from Calcutta University and her Master's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the Visva Bharati. She tells her stories being the one in the crowd yet chooses to stand alone. To her, where there is life, there's always literature and where there isn't; that's literature itself.

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