Life – A River

Life – A River

— By Swapnadeep Bhattacharyya

— Reading Time – 2 Min Approx

A river meanders its way through unknown lands,
Yet with utmost resolve it stands,
Its knows no end but continues its journey,
And finds in its course obstacles many,
Boulders, pebbles, mud get collected,
Nothing from a river gets rejected!

Life too is like a river steady,
Gain experiences daily for which you are always ready,
Life is a journey unknown,
There is no scope to moan,
You fight the hurdles hard,
Which often catch you off guard!

Uncertainty is the certainty in life for sure,
All your emotions of joy and sorrow are pure,
Life like a river is deep and wide,
It gives you pain that you valiantly hide,
Experiences and situations are all you face,
Which with dignity, bravery and guts you embrace!

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Swapnadeep Bhattacharyya, is an amateur poet / writer who has been working in an Indian financial services company after pursuing engineering and higher studies in management. The author has the uncanny habit of writing love poems and simple love stories. In reality, one may not experience ideal love, but I want that the readers through my writing would experience idyllic love that may be too good to be true.

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