Oh, Lonely Friend

Oh, Lonely Friend

Translation of poem by Rabindranath Tagore

— by Anjana Basu

(Reading Time: 2 min Approx)

In wonder at monsoon cloud thunder play

With secret steps you made your way

Like the night, silently, you slipped away

Today dawn’s sky shuts its eye the sad breeze cries

Clouds veil the shameless sky’s blue array

No birds sing in the trees, doors shut in every home

A desolate visitor on a deserted road you roam

Oh lonely friend, oh love this door of mine gapes wide

Don’t dreamlike vanish leaving me alone

The night my doors were broken by the storm

Carelessly not asking me you came home

Everything turned pitch dark

Blown out the lantern’s spark

Reached up to the skies but to whom

Lying in the dark, owning a dream

Did I know storms were your victory theme?

And then wake to see you there in front of me

In the emptiness that filled my vacant room.

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