Conceptual Communion: Art and Literature

-Written By Kankabati Datta (Reading Time: 16 min Approx) “I’m Abanindranath Tagore. I write pictures. (Chhobi Likhi). I can’t say I’m too good at spellings but I sure know how to make people spell bound!” Such were the words visionary Read more

Samir Aich – Artist who experiments with Nature’s Primordial Force

One thing can be surely said that Mr. Aich is an opinionated man and he is very precise and to the point when it comes to expressing them. We are honoured and privileged to Artist Mr. Samir Aich for sharing his thoughts and enriching us about Art and its attributes.

Of Art and Abstraction

My poems are usually reactionary – meaning I write in response to incidents or scenes, or evens that move me or through me in a way that requires immediate outburst. I edit and re-edit my poems; then try to redesign the scratched-out portions into interesting artwork much like Tagore! My poems are therefore infrequent compared to my artistic pursuits. The creation of a painting or piece of art is a far lengthier process.