Translation of poem by Rabindranath Tagore

— by Anjana Basu

(Reading Time: 2 min Approx)

Now I’ve managed to find the time

When will you be able to find it too?

I’ve got the evening lamp all primed

When shall I light it up for you?

I’ve left all my baggage behind

Brought and selling at markets and shops

As it blooms, evening the flower

With fragrance wakens its silent grove

Glowworms in the lotus leaves bower

Recall your footsteps treasure trove

Today I’ve kept my room meat and cool

My courtyard sweet with sandal wood balm

Finished my work by some harsh rule

Now when will it be for you to come?

Tonight, will be the first moonrise

By the river in the palm tree forest

From the god’s courtyard in the skies

Light will fall, on tree shadows rest

The south wind will suddenly blow

With it will come the rushing tide

Rock the tied boat and then throw

Itself headless at the jetty’s side

When the tide mingles with the bank

And the waters fall still as any stone

When the swaying breeze has sunk

And the moon reached the lowest zone

Cool shadows will touch your sleeping head

Then care the soles of your feet

I’m sitting on the ground by your bed

When will you find the time, my sweet?

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