War for Love

-Written By Suresh Iyer

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War for Love

You know, I love you
But I love my country more.
Enemies have gathered around like sharks
Can’t hide in a bunker anymore!

I kissed you deep
We were in love.
The tides did rock our love boat
And I have to calm the sea.

Can’t wait I have
to save my motherland…
Pay any price but win
to be in your arms forever.

Am always with you my dear
in your heart and mind,
Wipe away your tear
Shall be back soon my dear…

I know it sounds hollow
War can’t buy peace…
Bombs shatter hearts
Guns can’t teach love.

Don’t my enemies ever love
My guns keep booming.
My eyes are wet
I call war for love.

Note: On 26 Nov 2008, terrorists from Pakistan gunned down innocent children, women and men in Mumbai This is my tribute to the Policemen and Army who risked their live to save the civilians.

Image Courtesy: Indian Defense News
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Suresh M Iyer, born in 20 March 1974 at the cultural city of Dombivli in Maharashtra works for CBI ACB Mumbai. He has a passion for writing short stories and poetry. Winner of Short Stories by the Writers Guild of India, AP. He writes on horror, romance and social drama in various blog sites.

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